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Mimimart is here to bring you happy food without you leaving your home. Here are some FAQs that will make the experience better.

We are MIMI-mart. We are unaffiliated with MINIMART.PH

1. How do I pay? 

Ans. Currently, we only accept bank to bank transfer for payments.

Upon successfully checking out, you will receive a system-generated confirmation email that will provide you with the payment instructions to complete your purchase. Please wait for this email. The email contains the final payable amount and our store's account details for you to make the necessary payment.

Please DO NOT pre-pay for your order. To avoid order cancellations, please make sure to follow the payment instruction specified in the confirmation email that you will receive.

2. Do you deliver?



Upon successfully paying for your order, we will send you the address and time slot for you to book and schedule your own pick-up. 

You may use Grab, Lalamove, Mr. Speedy, Transportify, or other preferred courier services. Pick-up should be paid for by the customer. You may also opt to personally pick-up your orders.

Please take note of the volume of your order. For large and bulky orders, we do not recommend booking motorcycle pick-ups.

3. Is there a minimum spend?

Ans. GOOD NEWS! We have removed our minimum spend requirement.

4. Do you sell Tiger Sugar Ice Cream?

Ans. We have temporarily suspended the sale of Tiger Sugar Ice Cream at our online shop until such time that we can better handle frozen & cold storage goods. 

5. What if the item(s) I want are out of stock?

Ans. Some of our items sell out fast. We restock twice a week, usually on Mondays & Wednesdays. Please stay tuned to those days.

6. What is your contact number? I have some questions.

Ans. Due to the unnecessarily large volume of calls, texts, and Viber messages we had received in the past, we have decided to limit access to our direct contact numbers. 

Should you have any pressing questions, concerns, or issues, please contact us through our Facebook Messenger. 

Facebook Page:

Facebook Messenger:

7. What is your contact number? I want to give your contact number to the Grab/Lalamove/Transportify driver.

Ans. You DO NOT need to give our contact number to the courier or pick-up driver. 

We provide the delivery address (pinnable in the Grab/Lalamove/Transportify app) on the payment acknowledgement email. Rest assured that the delivery address will not be difficult to find by the driver. 

Upon arriving at the pick-up address, your driver just needs to note of the following:


There will be staff and a security guard that will assist and facilitate the turn over of goods to the driver at the delivery address once he/she arrives.

8. I did not receive all my orders from Grab/Lalamove. Some item(s) are missing.

Ans. As much as possible, please instruct your pick-up driver to count ALL items in the order and to inform you if there are missing items BEFORE signing for your order and leaving our pick-up address.

Please take note that this will be your responsibility. Once our dispatch staff hands over the goods to the driver, you assume responsibility of your order.

9. I have received damaged goods.

Ans. Please see our Refund Policy page.

10. I have placed an order. I am confused on what's next?

Ans. Please take note of the following process after successfully checking out:

  • Order Confirmation - Emailed to your provided email address immediately after ordering
  • Payment Acknowledgement -  Emailed to you within 24 hours upon sending us your proof of payment
  • Pick-up Details - Emailed to you within 24 hours after your payment is acknowledged.

Should we fail to respond within these timelines. Please DO message us at our Facebook Messenger

11. What else do you sell?

Ans. We are constantly trying to improve our selection. Do you have any suggestions? Please share your thoughts on our feedback blog.